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My second shot for MOON ANIMATE MAKEUP!!  WOOHOOO!!!

Can’t wait to see this thing come together!

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I think I’ll take a break from BD. At this point I know the twists and having the game have the balls to think that recycling content with minor changes 3 times is bullshit. While I grew to love the Light Warriors crew I find utimate boss’ goal of “I’m bored so I’m gonna fuck up all the things on the angel plans” to be funny at first but not worth the trouble of going though.

I’m glad the game has a sequel but I think I’ll just go back to playing FF:T4HoL. Or Rhythem Theif. Or play the first 10 hours of Tales of the Abyss.

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That either I under level my characters in RPGs and I scrap through OR mofos over level so much that they can glide though an RPG. Just saw a walk though on Bravely Default and fighting the water temple boss was at level 37 while my ass is level 34 in Grapp Keep. But man I reaallly want to get to level 10 Freelancer to make the job level grinding less tedious.

…Isn’t the Water Temple the first one? Yeah that is. Bizarrely overleveled. Like why the fuck would you even do that to yourself

What is with JRPG players and their obsession with tedium

Well if you wanna get them Job levels to a usable level…

I blame years of setting the default to grind until you win and call it strategy. I think I’m at my wit’s end. I’ll just stick with watching playthoughts and just stick with Tales games where you can at least avoid a boss insta-death attack /nottrueJPGplayerdon’tgottimeforthat

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So can there be DLC of having the ability to throw a book at Airy? Like srsly I’d pay money to have this happen and to have a tacked on ending for it. Or just simply Airy is now video games most annoying fairy. Navi wasn’t even bad to me but fuck this fairy.

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