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Nicole Byer with some wisdom.

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"listen i know women are getting harassed and threatened on a daily basis in this industry and it gets worse every day and that’s really bad but can we talk about corruption in games journalism" who fucking cares

who. fucking. cares.

who fucking cares if companies are buying off reviews? shit, we already know they do. we’ve known it since the start. we already know they’ve expended money to buy reviews, ads, good press. be it directly handing money, or spending exorbitant amounts of money on press event parties, flying people in on their own expense and everything. we’ve known this shit for awhile. jeff gerstmann got fired for not rolling with this shit, but, notably, people didn’t explode over “ethics” in games journalism back them.

and, notably, they aren’t targeting AAA publishers. they target indie game developers and smalltime journalists and critics - pretty consistently women, or anybody who speaks up in defense of those women.

all this for “ethics in games journalism”. obviously just a very tiny slice of games journalism, since they don’t attack the people with money to actually do things.

but honestly.

who fucking cares.

ea could spend 5 million dollars tomorrow to buy one single review. who fucking cares? you can read steam reviews, gamefaqs reviews, metacritic user reviews, and most of all, you can WATCH ACTUAL GAMEPLAY on youtube. hours of it! on day of launch! you can download demos! you have more access to judging whether you will like a game or not on your own than ever before. you don’t have to rely on print mags giving you a limited array of screenshots and a review score anymore. you have a WEALTH of resources to decide if you’ll like a game or not before purchasing it. up to and including even outright pirating it! it’s easier than ever before!

and despite the ongoing, daily fucking harassment, the death threats, and most of all, just the bubbling culture that’s always been there that hates women, that hates anyone from outside their “norm” and derides and mocks them and holds an astounding amount of anger in their hearts over them, that culture that’s always fucking been there but gets dismissed with “that’s trolls, ignore them” or “that’s just how it is, people are assholes”, what they want to focus on is “ethics in games journalism”, which to them, comes down solely apparently to fucking review scores.

they care more about that than fucking anything else in the world.

fuck gamergate. fuck people who care more about whether or not bayonetta 2 got a 10/10 across the board than the hideous disgusting culture of hate that surrounds them and they seem to willingly inhabit with and just go “not us, though”

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I know this is pointless but I couldn’t help it.

Moreso: Bayonetta was designed by a woman who openly claims the design to be a power fantasy for how she wishes to be.

Even better

Love it when this shit backfires

And this why people are not fooled

I LOVE Bayonetta but let’s not pretend she wasn’t designed for the sexual pleasure of men at all because she was, and her designer admits it.

"Mari Shimazaki, Character Designer, Platinum Games: I’m familiar with the popular witch that you describe, the old lady with green skin and riding on a broomstick. But do gamers really want to see a witch like that? Probably not. They want to see a younger, fresher, beautiful witch, and that’s what we had in mind with her current design

"Mari Shimazaki: I’m very happy with her, I had a lot of fun in the process of designing such a sexy character. I had lots of discussions with Kamiya-san regarding what he feels is sexy from a guy’s point of view, and what he’d want from the character. [laughs]”

Again, I love Bayonetta but these are just the facts. 

You know I can kind of understand that people really like Bayonetta because it is a fun game, but I usually lose my patience when these same people won’t acknowledge that their favorite game has some flaws, and in trying to defend it they make these flimsy statements like:

"A woman designed the character, so its ok for her to show off her tits."

"The character is actually a representation of powerful female characters, so that is why the big boobs are ok.”

"Female characters are different not every character is going to be black/disabled/flat chested! That is why all these characters can have big boobs."

While these are obvious exaggerations shitty excuses don’t validate problematic characters. Media does not exist in a vacuum, some person came up with the design of Bayonetta and it is important to acknowledge the fan service that is somewhat inherent in her design.

This does not make the game any worst, but to some they just cannot tolerate this aspect of the character. And quite frankly I can’t either, I usually avoid any type of game that goes down this route and if it has to happen, it is something that will just dampen my enjoyment of it overall. 

Don’t just ignore the above, it may not change your enjoyment of the game but it is something to keep in mind.

but remember that it is both possible (and even necessary) to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical of it’s more problematic or pernicious aspects.” - Feminist Frequency

Why does everyone forget this?

Well shit isn’t it a thing when a woman creates something that just falls in line with the status quo people are falling over themselves to go “but lady did it” or “power fantasy” or “good stuff” but wow does it get silent when there are deviations lest there be accusations of PC and other garbage words.

Don’t care about Bayonetta and I hope Platinum gets support but this thinking of “lady made a thing so it can’t be bad” basic thinking is just mind numbing.

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